Superior Local Moving Services for the Los Angeles Area

Moving from city to city in the Los Angeles area can be exciting – each city has it’s own personality and local culture while still being part of the greater region. However, there are also many challenges, from notoriously bad traffic to steep inclines in neighborhoods like Silver Lake. That’s where our extensive experience as professional movers comes in handy – we’ve completely countless moves over the years to and from pretty much every neighborhood in the area, so we know how to get the job done as quickly and effectively as possible.

Our friendly team of moving experts is happy to take the hassle out of your move, with a full range of services designed to meet your specific moving needs:

  • Free estimates up front with no obligation and no hidden charges
  • Moves within California both local and long distance
  • Professional packing of fragile items like fine dishes, vases and other valuables
  • No extra cost for careful protection of furniture with professional moving pads and shrink wrap
  • Careful handling of artwork with full wrapping and padding
  • Furniture disassembly, transportation and reassembly at your final destination
  • Moves within the same house or building, such as unit to unit moving in apartment complexes
  • Loading and unloading moving vehicles, storage units and PODs
  • Building custom crates for your specific needs


  • Los Angeles (Santa Monica, Westwood, Glendale, Hollywood, and all the many cities);
  • The Valley (Burbank, Van Nuys, Northridge, etc.);
  • Orange County (Irvine, Anaheim, Santa Ana, etc.)
  • Inland Empire (Riverside, San Bernardino, Ontario, etc.);
  • And much more (SoCal is massive)!

  • We’re proud to be working 7 days per week so regardless of your scheduling needs, we can coordinate around the most convenient days for you – weekend or weekday!


    Customer Services is Our Priority

    We realize that at the end of the day, the success of our entire company depends on making sure the needs of our customers are met, which is why we always make customer service a top priority. Whether it’s making ourselves available 7 days per week to answer calls and emails, or taking extra care when handling the valuables of our customers, custom service is built into every step of our process.

    Extensive Experience

    Sure, on the surface moving seems easy – just take a bunch of things from Point A to Point B, right? Well, like any other service, the more experience the team has, the better they will be at delivering the most efficient process.
    You could choose a completely inexperienced college kid to move your belongings and trust that he or she will figure it out along the way, but our customers choose us because they know we have moving down to an exact science with best practices.

    Licensed and Insured

    Far too many folks gloss over licenses and insurance as formalities, but they really are an indicator of the level of professionalism exhibited by the moving team that you hire. Our customers choose us because they like knowing that their belongings are insured to help keep them protected, whereas freelancers or unlicensed movers often don’t provide the same guarantees.

    Highly Trained Team

    When it comes to the quality of our team, we’re second to none. We only hire full-time moving professionals who undergo extensive training to ensure they’re following best practices with every move right from the beginning. Look around for a moving company that emphasises training as much as we do, and you’ll have trouble finding anyone superior in this area.Don’t put your valuables in the hands of inexperienced kids with no training – all of our movers are fully trained to pack and move items with the professional care and respect you deserve.